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moosehead pool bridge head  

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Moosehead Bridge Head

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Moosehead Pool Bridge Head

The Bridge Head Moosehead is a best seller and a must have for any level billiard player. It is convenient and a perfect fit over any pool cue to convert it into a bridge, without worrying about damaging your cue because of the protective rubber washer in the center.

The Bridge Head Moosehead's unique design is so light and handy to carry with you when ever you might need it. It allows you to have nine different positions to choose from, you just have to pick the 'antler' that works best for your hard to make shots.

It can be used with so many heights and angles, when you are having difficulty getting your cue ball up over an other ball, or when you have a long shot across the table. Moose Antler Billiard Bridge Head helps every time, so you can play your best and enjoy your game!

moose antlers billiards bridge head

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