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vigma opal billiard balls set   

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Original Opal Pool Ball Set

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Original VIGMA Opal Pool Ball Set

Like a gemstone made of this same mineral, Vigma Opal billiard balls are noted for their rich iridescence.

Astonish and dazzle your friends or family with the brilliant shimmer of colors. Lustrous, and so colorful in effect and appearance: they make the perfect billiard ball gift set!

A geologist could only dream of such a collection: Milk Opal (the cue ball), Black Opal (number 8), and Fire Opal (number 3) an opal with brilliant flame like yellow, orange, and red colors and so on. Be impressed with the color quality of these balls, since every Vigma Opal ball is skillfully made and quality-checked to ensure the distinct color.

Get yours today!

With two pink balls in a set Opal Pool Balls are a Perfect Valentine's Gift Idea!

Vigma is your ultimate choice for both commercial game rooms and home-entertainment.

- Vibrant Colors : Color quality of all Vigma balls are controlled by sophisticated professional spectrophotometers.

- Excellent Brilliancy: Lustrous and smooth surface of Vigma balls can be maintained even under high friction temperature and pressure due to replication of hitting.

- Extreme Hardness: Extreme Hardness of Vigma balls reduces the likelihood of getting burn spots on the balls and cloth.

- Best Value: Direct selling from the manufacturer allows Vigma balls to be the best value billiard balls not just to play with, but also to be your collectibles.
  Cost effective to commercial game rooms too.

- Accurate Weight: Complying with the BCA standard, all Vigma balls are of accurate and uniform weight.

- Uniform Density and Balance: Uniform Density of Vigma balls gives the ball perfect equilibrium when rolling and allow the players to have total control of the ball.

- Perfect Rebound: Vigma balls give optimum rebound and make every bit of your strikes count.

- Flawless Surface Polish: All Vigma pool table balls have been treated under water polish process to ensure the surface to be flawlessly round and smooth.


vigma opal billiard balls set

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